About: get - Google Drive APIs

About - Google Drive APIs


 * Print information about the current user along with the Drive API
 * settings.
function printAbout() {
  var request = gapi.client.drive.about.get();
  request.execute(function(resp) {
    console.log('Current user name: ' + resp.name);
    console.log('Root folder ID: ' + resp.rootFolderId);
    console.log('Total quota (bytes): ' + resp.quotaBytesTotal);
    console.log('Used quota (bytes): ' + resp.quotaBytesUsed);

Copy Google drive folder App

Find out which are your biggest files in Google Drive!

To bring up your list of files in size order, go to Google Drive and on the bottom left hand side you will see ‘GB used’. Hover over this and in the pop up click Drive.

Or simply click this URL: https://drive.google.com/drive/quota. Taking you straight to your files.


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